Beginner's Induction - your start into the world of Martial Arts.


We offer inductions quite regularily, yet our concept allows for joining at any time, so you do not need to wait. We currently run an induction in the Old Granada Studios (yes, where Coronation Street was filmed in the past), and you are welcome to join at any time.

Or text

07732 555 152


You can book

single classes at





Intelligent, friendly, efficient and modern:

Missing Link Martial Arts

in Manchester's City Centre.


Find your flow. Find new friends.

Find self defence.

Find a new way to health and fitness.



Bringing traditional wisdom

to the 21st century.


While MMA and other modern styles

abandon the roots of their arts, we close the gap:

Ancient knowledge, deep philosophy, modern application.

Martial Arts for your modern life.

Intelligent, sophisticated and inspiring.


Japanese Karate

Chinese Roots

Modern Application