The Missing Link Martial Arts concept is outlined in the book

“Missing Link of Martial Arts” by Cornelia Heinz, Heero Miketta and Sascha Wagener.

Here is an overview of the style:                                 

Missing Link is for everybody – whether you want to become a master and strive for a black belt and master level graduations in your chosen topics – or you want to be fit and self-confident – or you would love to explore a totally different world of experiences in an intelligent, lifelong martial art.

Missing Link dojos are still rare in the UK. If you don't happen to live near to Manchester, you might still benefit from private tuition or workshops. You can also invite one of our instructors to your school, if you want to get first insights.


We know that belt colours are a strong motivation for many martial artists. Nevertheless we try to keep their importance small. Different from many other styles we only have five student (kyu) grades. Gaining them is a bit more complex than in many other styles, though – because our curriculum is more versatile.


There is no competition in Missing Link Martial Arts. Not because it's evil, or because our system is “too lethal to be used in a playful context”, as other styles claim. Competition can be very useful to put yourself to the test, and for sure it features a lot of mental training.

Missing Link students are not forbidden to take part in competitions. With our roots in Japanese Karate there are plenty of options to visit tournaments – and with our open minded approach open style fights are a possible way for athletes who want to endure the hard training that's necessary for it.

But nevertheless competition is not part of our system. The focus on a competitive system of rules  is dangerous for a martial arts system that is meant to be a lifelong practice. Athletic challenge is only a very small part of life. There's much more to martial arts than competition: Health, philosophy, deeper knowledge – and the ability to cope with conflicts. 

Competition reduces the chances of learning for all students to benefit the small group of people that want to pursue a competitive career. We want to keep these two things separate.

At the foundation of Missing Link is a comprehensive education based on Japanese Karate, connected to its Chinese roots and its modern applications. We encourage students from the first moment to think for themselves and explore their own methods and ideas. With reaching the Kuro Obi (the black belt), this becomes mandatory: Master level degrees are being achieved differently from other styles, by contribution to the style in four different areas.

What's in a belt?

Please note that we do not offer a “get fit quick” scheme nor a “black belt academy” that will promote you through a meaningless process of graduations within two or three years. We also don't embark on cool tricks and acrobatic show.

Missing Link Martial Arts is a lifelong, dedicated journey, and very individual for everyone involved. It means work, and that is extremely rewarding.