Chinese Roots - Japanese Karate - Modern Applications

Missing Link Martial Arts connects tradition, modern applications and two of the

biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting

content within the art and the philosophy behind it.

If this sounds theoretical and dry: It isn't. Fighting is the centre of martial arts,

and this is what we do. We do it in an intelligent way that offers lifelong practice with ongoing rewards far beyond the peak time of athletic challenges. We care for realism, health and fitness.

Why Missing Link for you?

If you are already a practitioner of martial arts, you might find an amazing gate to new experiences.

If you are already a brown or black belt, maybe even a teacher, Missing Link might be the next big step for personal improvement – for you as well as your students. We offer individual lessons, master classes and workshops. You can simply train for yourself or even join the community. Missing Link, originally founded in Germany, is determined to grow in the UK. Join us now.

If you always wanted to learn martial arts, but never made it so far, don't wait any longer. Look out for the next Missing Link Martial Arts school near you.

Body and Mind

Our minds are challenged constantly by modern times.

Through the lens of reason and logic, we are bombarded by consumerism and endless information that steadily detaches us from our emotions. Physical training can be an effective solution to this problem, provided it is holistic, intelligent and lifelong – and not just about athletic peak performance. Missing Link Martial Arts offers healthy, intelligent and lifelong training of body and mind.

Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese Karate offers a sophisticated, dynamic, and streamlined physical form of empowerment: it's the Japanese garden of Martial Arts – beautiful and ordered,

but lacking the depth and versatility of its Chinese Roots – their purpose being to guide one through the intense jungle of realistic combat. Missing Link Martial Arts connects Japanese Karate to its powerful Chinese Roots.

Tradition and Modern applications

The traditional Asian Martial Arts have much to offer with their rich heritage of knowledge and philosophy –

a practical approach with ideas derived from Buddhism, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These arts are of another time however, and certain aspects of these systems no longer apply to our modern age. Missing Link Martial Arts takes traditional wisdom and brings it forward in time with up to date methods of de-escalation and self defence.

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