The Manchester Concept

Intelligent, friendly, efficient and modern: Missing Link Martial Arts in Manchester.

Find your flow. Find new friends. Find ancient wisdom. Find self defence.

Find a new way to ancient wisdom, health and fitness.

The Manchester Concept is backbone and guideline for Missing Link training in the UK.

Omote Training: Solid foundation, six-month cycles.

Missing Link Martial Arts offers a solid foundation for those who want to learn intelligent martial arts: Self defence, health & fitness, traditional wisdom, conflict & de-escalation. This foundation is based in Japanese Karate. The Omote Curriculum defines the knowledge and abilities of Missing Link students during their colour belt studies. Missing Link has five Kyu degrees (colour belts), the Black Belt concludes the Omote Curriculum. Regular Training is organized in five cycles, described in the Manchester Syllabus. Every six months the cycle of the Omote Training changes, making a new form (kata) the centre of the training and changing focus to another set of techniques and principles. City Centre training and local dojos: Missing Link training in Manchester evolves around the city centre dojo in the Northern Quarter. Every member in Greater Manchester is welcome to train there anytime. We are growing into local areas, though, to get closer to you and make training more accessible. The local dojo leaders are highly qualified and constantly develop their own abilities.


We offer grading seminars at least twice every year, and we aim to offer one at the end of any Omote cycle. Grading seminars are not just an exam, they also feature intense training. Kuro Obi (Black Belt) gradings are scheduled on separate occasions. Master Level gradings are subject to our special Okuden/Kaiden Curriculum. Missing Link is an open minded system, and our curriculum reflects this. We respect gradings you brought from other styles. If you want to make a new home in Missing Link Martial Arts, all we ask is that you share your experience and knowledge, helping to make Missing Link constantly better.



Pay per lesson: £6

Private lessons: £35, reduced for members

Yearly license: £20

Optional 6 month rolling contract includes all regular lessons for £39/month, discounted seminars and private tuition.

Okuden/Kaiden training: Dedicated topics

For advanced students and those who want to dive deeper into the wisdom of traditional martial arts and connect it to modern application. These lessons are not only for high ranked students. We care for dedicated topics like ground work, weapons, internal arts like Qi Gong and meditation, additional sparring, higher forms (kata) and their application, scenario training.

While this content isn’t important to gain Kyu degrees, the students can choose the  topics they find interesting and deepen their knowledge and abilities here. “The Missing Links of Martial Arts” is available in book stores and on Amazon.

Private tuition, The Living Room Lessons & Seminars

In the UK, Missing Link Martial Arts is still young. The style has been developed in Germany by teachers with decades of experience who studied a wide range of arts and strive to bring them together under one roof, in one reliable structure, with as little hierarchy and politics as possible. One of these Founder Circle Members lives in Manchester. You can book private lessons with him – dedicated students might even receive an invitation to living room lessons either personal or in very small groups. We constantly offer seminars with a wide range of instructors, in the UK and abroad.