Omote - All abilities including beginners - £6

Omote is intelligent martial arts training with a focus on Self defence,

health & fitness, traditional wisdom and conflict de-escalation.

Okuden/Kaiden - Advanced - £6

Okuden/Kaiden is for students wanting to delve deeper with a focus on

ground work, weapons, internal arts like Qi Gong, meditation, additional

sparring, higher forms (kata) & their application and scenario training.

Qi Gong - All abilities including beginners, non-martial artists - £6

Qi Gong is a holistic system of posture and movements, breathing and

meditation, well being and spirituality. Qi Gong can be practiced in on its

own or used to complement your martial arts training.

Private lessons available - All abilities - £35 (reduced for members)


£6 per lesson

£35 Private lesson (reduced for members)

£39 per month inc. all regular lessons and discounted seminars and private lessons.

£20 Yearly license

For further information contact:

WhatsApp: 0753 99 46 777

Facebook: ManchesterKarate